About Ted's Butcherblock

Our Story

Established in 2005, our locally owned and operated neighborhood butcher shop and gourmet cafe has been Charleston’s trusted source for the best quality, best tasting meats and housemade prepared foods you will find. Offering everything from all-natural meats, poultry, game and fresh seafood for your kitchen, to housemade sausages, pates, and gourmet prepared meals, we’re a favorite local spot in Charleston for delicious food.

The inspiration behind Ted’s comes from Walter and Mary Dombrowski, owner Ted Dombrowski’s Polish grandparents, who were butchers in New Jersey for nearly 40 years. Married shortly after arriving in the United States in 1918, they lived on the second floor of their neighborhood butcher shop and established a smokehouse in the cellar where they made homemade kielbasa from a family recipe. Mary made deliveries by trolley to neighboring customers.

At Ted’s Butcherblock, we honor the Dombrowski’s commitment to hard work and customer service by offering neighbors in Charleston quality products and knowledgable service. We believe you should know everything you can about the food you eat – from where it was raised to what it ate and how it was processed. When you purchase products and prepared foods at Ted’s Butcherblock you can rest assured that you are getting the best products available.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“I would probably eat here daily if I could. Ted’s definitely does not disappoint. The staff is very friendly and knows their stuff!”

Yelp Review

“If you are a foodie/chef or just know good stuff when you see it then this is the place for you!”

TripAdvisor Review

“No one layers flavors and textures between two slices of fresh, crispy bread quite like Ted’s Butcherblock. The permanent menu items are guaranteed goodness (like the house-roasted wagyu beef or the bacon-of-the-month BLT), but keep an eye out for the monthly special.”

Charleston City Paper Best of Awards – Best Gourmet Sandwich (2013)

“Ted’s Butcherblock is a remarkable and unique business which has filled a major void in procuring quality meats, seafood, etc for the entire lower half of the state. We travel from Columbia with coolers just to load up on his Korobuta pork chops, steaks, etc.”

Ted's Butcherblock Customer

“Patrons have come to know Ted’s not only as a neighborhood butcher, but as a go-to place for pâtés, sausages, specialty items, and superior sandwiches. “

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