We’ve Got Game

Some meats are hard to find, but our case is well-stocked with a variety of game products to suit your at-home cooking and grilling needs.

  • Carolina Bison $15/lb
  • Sonoma Saveurs Duck Breast (Magret De Canard) $18/lb
  • Joyce Farms Heritage White Pheasant $10/lb
  • Pel Freez Whole Rabbit $11/lb
  • Plantation Quail Semi Boneless Quail $16/4-pack
  • Magret Duck Legs $11/lb
  • Joyce Farms Naked Duck $7/lb
  • Moulard $8/lb
  • Four Seasons Venison Tenderloin $34/lb

We also have whole ducks (please call for pricing) and house-prepared ingredients such as duck fat (perfect for crisping potatoes), bacon fat and chicken stock (excellent for flavorful soups).

Please call (843) 577-0094 for more information, or join us for dinner service on Friday nights to try fresh game as a custom grilled entree.

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