At Ted’s, we go to great lengths to source the best products we can find to stock our butcher case. In some cases, that means taking the time to make a product ourselves in-house.

Such is the case with our housemade pastrami. Sure, it would be easy for us to source a New York-style pastrami and slice it up for sandwiches and to sell by the pound. And it’s tempting to do so, since pastrami involves multiple steps and takes several weeks to make. But we’ve perfected a recipe that we think makes it well worth the effort — we have yet to find a better tasting pastrami.

Here’s a run down of the steps involved to make our delicious, classic New York-style pastrami:

  • First, we make a brine by mixing salt, sugar, water and a special combination of spices (that part’s a secret).
  • Once chilled, we place premium Painted Hills Natural Beef brisket in the brine and refrigerate it for two weeks.
  • When it’s time to remove the brisket, we rinse it thoroughly, coat it with our special pastrami rub and chill it for two days.
  • The brisket is then smoked for eight hours and steamed until tender.

The result is what we’re certain is the best pastrami you can get in Charleston – or anywhere, for that matter! You can buy it by the pound or try the featured Housemade Pastrami Sandwich – served with Russian dressing, slaw, Swiss cheese and house dill pickles on toasted local Brown’s Court Bakery rye bread. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!