Eat Local Month is an annual campaign to get residents of the Lowcountry thinking more about where the food they eat each day comes from. Organized by Lowcountry Local First, Charleston’s advocate for a locally-based economy, the campaign takes advantage of the abundance of fresh, local produce that’s in season at this time of year to help spread the word about the importance of sourcing food locally whenever possible.

Here at Ted’s, we always use local produce and seafood when available. This month, look for the local items highlighted in our case and on our Gourmet Cafe Menu, and show your support for our local farmers by choosing “local” whenever possible.

Want to take your commitment a step further? Sign up for the Eat Local Challenge, a highlight of Eat Local Month each year. It’s a pledge to commit to shift a portion of your weekly spending on food to locally-grown and produced items during the month of April. It’s free to join the challenge, and it’s easy to participate. Click here for more information and to join in the fun.

Why is eating local important? Agribusiness is SC’s largest industry, but over 90% of our food is still imported. The goal of Eat Local Month is to help consumers shift their choices, their spending and their overall local food consumption. Collectively, this shift has a large and positive impact on our local farmers and purveyors, and on our local economy.

Thank you for supporting local farmers, purveyors and restaurants this month — and all year long!