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January Wines: Beautiful Bordeauxs

January 2, 2015

Bordeaux has been made famous by trophy wines (at astronomical prices) from the Left and Right Banks of the region’s Gironde Estuary. But there are also many well-made, entry-level wines available from outside of these areas. This month, we’re featuring a terrific and accessible Bordeaux Blanc and Bordeaux Rouge from a multigenerational producer who believes in purity of fruit and expression of the land.

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Quality Products Are The Star Of Our Special Events Catering Menu

October 1, 2014

As a butcher shop specializing in high-quality meats and other products, we feel it’s important to use the same quality cuts of meat and poultry that we sell at the Butcher Counter in the prepared foods we offer. That’s why our Special Events Catering menu showcase the top-quality meat, poultry, game and seafood offerings from our Butcher Counter and Seafood Case. You’re guaranteed to taste the difference in the items that come out of our kitchen.

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