When is the last time you had lamb? A gyro perhaps…? We love a good gyro, but if that’s your only exposure to lamb, it may be time to try something new. When purchased from a trusted source, lamb is a flavorful, lean, clean protein that contains “good fats” (the monosaturated varieties found in olive oil) and nearly 5 times the omega 3s that you would get from beef.

When and How to Shop for Lamb

Imported lamb is available year-round, but the flavor of in-season, domestically-raised lamb is hard to beat. Spring and early summer (March-June) are the best times to find lamb that has been raised outdoors on a wholesome diet. Spring lamb is ideal for roasting. The flavor becomes stronger as the animal ages, so some people prefer the taste of late spring/early summer lamb. Lamb refers to an animal that is less than a year old. After one year, we refer to the meat as hogget, and after two years, it’s mutton. The flavor of these is gamier and entirely different than lamb.

When shopping for lamb, look for meat that is pink or red in color, with some fat marbling. Loin chops are typically the leanest and most tender cuts of lamb. These small t-bone steaks are great for grilling or barbecuing. If you are feeding a crowd, a leg of lamb has plenty of meat. Leg of lamb boasts a strong flavor. It’s great roasted whole and can also be boned and barbecued. Rib racks offer an elegant presentation and are another great choice for entertaining.

Mountain States Cedar Springs Lamb

You can find loin chops, leg of lamb and rib racks at Ted’s every spring. Cedar Springs Lamb from the Mountain States Rosen Company is our lamb of choice for a few reasons…

  • Mountain States is a rancher owned co-op in the United States. As a producer-owned company, they are able to provide a high degree of food transparency and can control quality from pasture to plate.
  • Cedar Springs Lamb from Mountain States is born and raised in the US. The animals are free to roam, and their diet is 100% vegetarian.
  • As a USDA Natural Choice and Prime Program member, Cedar Springs products are guaranteed to be minimally processed with no added ingredients.
  • Cedar Springs Lamb is consistently juicy, tender and flavorful with a hint of sweetness.

Ready to give Cedar Springs Lamb a try? Visit MountainStatesRosen.com for recipe ideas. Chops, racks and leg of lamb are available at our butcher counter. We also sell lamb meatballs buy the pound, and a Rotisserie Leg of Lamb Sandwich will available in our Gourmet Café tomorrow through the end of March! Call (843) 577-0094 to place a pick-up order, or stop by the shop to learn more. 

We believe you should know everything you can about the food you eat—where it was raised, what it ate and how it was processed. All of our products are sourced from independent farms and farmer-based programs that share our commitment to food transparency. Stay tuned to the Featured Farmer section of our blog to learn more.