You are what you eat, and the same logic applies to meat. This is especially true when it comes to pork.  Much of the fat that pigs consume gets redistributed into their muscle fiber. Pigs that are fed well, taste better, and that is just one of many reasons why we are picky about pork.

Berkshire Pork

At Ted’s Butcherblock, we prefer Berkshire pork. Berkshires are the oldest known domestic pig in existence today. They are considered an heirloom breed, originating hundreds of years ago in the English countryside, and they are sought after worldwide for the meat’s distinctive color, marbling and tenderness. While some pork varieties have a tendency toward blandness and a reputation as “the other white meat,” Berkshire pork is anything but. According to the National Pork Board, Berkshire pork ranks first in the following categories…

  • loin color
  • loin tenderness
  • loin marbling
  • taste
  • moisture content

Visit to read more about “the Berkshire difference,” and read on for more about favorite purveyor, Berkwood Farms.

Berkwood Farms

Berkwood Farms is a coalition of over 50 independent family farmers who are committed to humane animal husbandry and producing Berkshire pork that is nothing short of “perfection on a plate.” Here are just a few reasons as to why we trust Berkwood to consistently produce the absolute best-tasting pork…

  • Pig Diet – Pigs raised in an industrial environment have a limited diet of mostly corn and soybeans. The resulting pork is greasy and bland. Berkwood farmers feed their pigs a grain-based, 100% vegetarian diet that is mostly comprised of oats and fresh produce. This diet enhances the natural tenderness and bold flavor of Berkshire pork.
  • Low-Stress Environment – Berkwood Farms is also committed to raising pigs naturally. Farmers provide large, contained areas of land that allow for natural behaviors (digging, rooting, etc.). Shelters are available, but pigs are not caged. A low-density, free-range environment allows animals to remain with stable family groups. Humane treatment enhances meat tenderness; it’s ecologically sustainable, and it’s just the right thing to do.
  • All Natural Pork – Berkwood Farms offers an all-natural environment and an all-natural pork guarantee. Berkwood pork contains no artificial ingredients, no growth hormones, no nitrates, no antibiotics and no steroids.

Berkshire pork from Berkwood Farms is available at our butcher counter, and all of our meats are hand-cut to order for optimal freshness. Phone in an order, or stop by today to learn more!