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January Wines: Beautiful Bordeauxs

January 2, 2015

Bordeaux has been made famous by trophy wines (at astronomical prices) from the Left and Right Banks of the region’s Gironde Estuary. But there are also many well-made, entry-level wines available from outside of these areas. This month, we’re featuring a terrific and accessible Bordeaux Blanc and Bordeaux Rouge from a multigenerational producer who believes in purity of fruit and expression of the land.

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Brining A Turkey

November 12, 2014

Over the years, we have perfected our turkey preparation, and feel that brining is essential for bringing out the flavors and maximizing the tenderness and juiciness of a turkey. Of course, buying the freshest bird you can find is also important, but this recipe is a foolproof way for getting as much flavor as possible!

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Classic Instructions For Roasting a Turkey

November 9, 2014

Follow these directions for roasting your unstuffed holiday turkey.

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Charleston’s Neighborhood Butcher for Nine Years?!

October 15, 2014

When we opened our hybrid neighborhood butcher shop, market and café in 2005, we set out to do something that no one in Charleston was doing. Whole Foods was just entering the market. Earth Fare had been here just a couple of years. Both offered an alternative to the hormone-laden, over-processed meats widely available in supermarkets. But there was something missing. Premium taste, for one. High-volume grocers simply can’t consistently offer the best quality, best tasting products

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Chorizo, Clams and Shrimp Over Local Saffron Pappardelle

October 1, 2014

This tasty and comforting dish offers intense flavors that are perfect for Fall. Spanish chorizo sausage (we make from scratch here at Ted’s!) sauteed with fresh local shrimp and clams from our Seafood Case in garlic and white wine is served over Rio Bertolini’s locally made homemade saffron pappardelle. A great combination of local ingredients and international flavors! Serves 4 people.

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