This month we have two wines from the only landlocked province in Italy: Umbria, home to the town of Spoleto. The hills surrounding Spoleto are especially adept to three particular varieties of Italy’s many grapes. Sangiovese, Sagrantino and Trebbiano Spoletino produce rustic and nuanced wines of structure and elegance, and we’re featuring these selections this month in celebration of our city’s annual Spoleto Festival.


With optimal temperatures and parks and gardens in bloom, picnic season has begun in Charleston. Whether you’re headed to an outdoor concert, the beach, for an afternoon harbor cruise or simply to your neighborhood park or backyard for lunch or dinner, we’ve got everything you need to compose the perfect picnic spread.


It’s Eat Local Month, an annual campaign to get residents of the Lowcountry thinking more about where the food they eat each and every day comes from. The campaign takes advantage of the abundance of fresh, local produce that’s in season at this time of the year to help spread the word about the importance of sourcing food locally when possible. Get involved by taking the Eat Local Challenge! It’s not too late to start


Greece has older grape growing and winemaking traditions than almost anywhere in the world, and both of our featured wines this month show off the potential of the Greek terroir. Greece is dominated by steep, rocky landscapes with plenty of influence from the sea, and while the temperatures can get hot, vineyards planted at higher elevations provide ideal conditions for wine grapes.


Our menu of signature sandwiches hasn’t changed much since the day we opened over 11 years ago. We set out to highlight the premium ingredients from our retail cases in a small selection of classic sandwich combinations. Every single one of them is still on the menu, and we wouldn’t dare change them – we’ve got some loyal fans!

Each month, we come up with two specials: a monthly feature that’s available every day, and a special “Ultimate Sandwich” that requires a bit of extra work, and therefore is only available once a week, on Wednesdays.


This month we’re featuring two versatile wines from the Loire Valley that can be popped for almost any occasion. These single varietal expressions are classic examples of the Loire’s diverse terroir, and they both come from generational family-owned wineries. We’ve got you covered with these two selections, whomever the company and whatever the pairing.